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Massachusetts allows residents to burn brush between January 15 and May 1, depending on weather conditions. You must obtain permission from the town or fire district in which you plan to burn brush. Many towns in Franklin County offer burning permits through this system. The permits are free of charge, but availability depends on weather conditions.


Open Burning Permit Season in Conway runs until May 1st. Residents must have a permit to burn. Apply at www.fcburnpermits.com or call 625-8200 for permits.


  • You may only burn BRUSH! All other materials are illegal. No leaves, grass, hay, stumps, building debris or any other materials are allowed to be burned.
  • All open burning must be a minimum of 75 feet from buildings or structures.
  • Burning will be allowed to start at 10:00am and must be extinguished by 4pm.
  • Any open fire must be attended at all times by the permit holder.
  • No person shall set, maintain or increase a fire in open air at any time except by permission.
  • You must be 18 years or older to apply for permit and/or set, maintain or increase fire once permission has been granted by the Fire Department.
  • You must have an appropriate means to extinguish an open air fire completely at the end of the day or if requested by the Fire Department.
  • The Fire Department can refuse or cancel a permit at any time. (Example: Violation of permit regulations, or change in weather conditions.)
  • Open burning season is January 15 – May 1.
  • Massachusetts Regulation 310 CMR: DEP 7.07 “Open Burning”
  • More information from the Massachusetts DEP.

How to obtain a permit

Obtain a permit online using this system or call the Franklin County Dispatcher. Permits are available during the burning season, subject to weather conditions.

You must have internet access and a valid email address to use this system. If you cannot use the online system, please call the Franklin County Dispatcher (Shelburne Control) at (413) 625-8200. The dispatcher can also issue burning permits. In Erving, contact the fire department at 413-824-4078.

Questions? Email fcburnpermits@gmail.com.

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